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This was Revivals first venture into a studio of any kind having been invited to appear on the John Taynton show. The boys were asked to record a few tracks live at the BBCs Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham for broadcast on Radio 2. The following year BBC Radio Nottingham also offered to record the band for another broadcast on both occasion the BBC generously gave the band the tapes of the sessions. A couple more tracks were added at the local Rubber Biscuit studios and the bands first "Cassette" was released.
This CD version was re-mastered by the bands rhythm guitarist Steve Potts.

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Chantily Lace. Heartbeat. Teenager In Love. Great Balls Of Fire. Here, There and Everwhere. Devoted To You. I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door. (Oh) Pretty Woman. Whole Lotta Shakin'. True Love Ways. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt. Wonderful Tonight. Then I Kissed Her. Hi Ho Silver Lining. Let It Be Me. Midnight. FBI. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor.

Following the success of live sessions the band decided to hire a studio intent on recording their first professionally produced CD. Recorded and mixed over several weeks at Nottingham's Confetti studios this CD is a good example of the bands impeccable choice of material. Those who have heard this album may wonder how Geoff obtained that wonderful guitar sound on Raining in my Heart. Well the secret can now be revealed. We put his amplifier in the toilet upstairs which had a nice live sound ran a cable down stairs and Geoff sat in the control room playing his guitar while listening through headphones.
This CD is no longer on sale
Bony Maronie. Walk Don't Run. Oh Boy. Runaround Sue. Take A Message To Mary. Hang On Sloopy. Sheila. The Wanderer. Telstar. Move It. Summertime Blues. Halfway To Paradise. Raining In My Heart. Wake Up Little Susie / Bye Bye Love. I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door. Da Doo Ron Ron. Save The Last Dance For Me. It's All Over Now.

Ten years on was recorded semi-live in Woodborough Woods School hall where Geoff was the headmaster at the time. The CD was the result of collaboration between Geoff's son John Ellis and Steve Potts the CD was recorded over two sessions on succesive Saturday mornings and then mixed on the floor in Steve's lounge, under pressure because the Yamaha eight track digital recorder that John had borrowed from his student buddies had to be returned.
This CD is no longer on sale

Do You Wanna Dance. I'll Never Get Over You. Let's Dance. Can't Help Falling. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Sweets For My Sweet. Sea Of Heartbreak. Running Bear. Jailhouse Rock. Running Scared. Johnny 'B'Goode. Move It (Live). Chantily Lace (Live). Oh Boy/ Great Balls Of Fire (Live). Pretty Woman (Live). Wonderful Tonight (Live). Running Scared (Live).






Recorded in 2005 Souvenir was again recorded in the school hall this time however Steve had a acquired his own 32 track digital recorder and much more time was available. The basic rhythm tracks were recorded at the school and then vocals and harmonies were over dubbed separately. This produced a much more polished sound with some outstanding performances. The title track arranged by Geoff Ellis is particularly good with an evocative arrangement of an Italian waltz.
This CD is no longer on sale

Sha La La LaLee. Dream Lover. Yes I will. Love Made A Fool Of You. Rock Around The Clock. All Shook Up. Baby I Don't Care. Latest Flame. Falling In Love With You. Souvenir D'Alvito. Everday. Oh Donna. Three Steps To Heaven. Somethin' Else. Peggy Sue. Bird Dog. Puttin' On The Style. House Of The Rising Sun. Wipe Out.


In 2006 the boys hired the Newark Palace Theatre at their own expense with the intention of raising money for the BBC's Children in Need something they did very successfully two years running. Having hired a professional sound company to provide the front of house sound Steve was left with a little spare time so he plugged his recorder into the desk and captured the live performance. This was the closest the boys had come to capturing their stage sound on CD. The mix engineer was obviously concerned with providing the sound for the Theatre audience, however the recording quality was good enough to release on CD after a little post production work by Steve.

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Volume One: Wipe Out / Let's Dance. Move It. Do Wanna Dance. Putting On The Style. Bird Dog. Let It Be Me. Summertime Blues. Something Else. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion. Roll Over Beethoven. Rock and Roll medley.
Volume Two: Do Wah Diddy Diddy. Souvenir D'Alvito. Dance The Night Away. Jailhouse Rock. Rock Around The Clock. If I Fell. (Oh) Pretty Woman / Baby Come Back. Do You Love Me. Hi Ho Silver Lining. Wonderful Tonight. It's All Over Now.




By 2010, the bands twentieth anniversary year, many things had changed some of the band had more time to spare and Steve had moved into a bigger house where he now had his own studio with all the modern facilities. This time instead of recording from the "front of house" mixing desk Steve miked up every instrument, drums and vocals separately capturing every instrument on individual tracks. Back in the studio, the guys then corrected a few bum notes unnoticed live but distracting while listening to the album and replaced some harmonies for the same reason. Steve and Geoff then spent many hours mixing and mastering the tracks. The result is probably the best recording of the band you will hear, it captures the best of the bands live sound along with the energy evident at every Revival performance. On some tracks it's hard to believe this was recorded live. The boys were joined by several friends and guest artists all of whom rose to the occasion and delivered some superb performances which have been included on this album.
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Apache. Shakin' all over. Hippy Hippy Shake. Runaround Sue. I Saw Her Standing There. Albatross. Man Of The World. Songbird. Air That I Breathe. More Than I Can Say. Sunny Afternoon. On The Beach. Memphis Tennessee. Walk In The Room. Dance The Night Away. Great Balls Of Fire. Over The Rainbow.











On New Year's Eve 2013
REVIVAL were booked to appear at Lark Hill village near Clifton, Nottingham, to provide the music for the end of year party. This was the final gig of what had been a very busy December for the band. Discussions had taken place about producing a new CD but finding time to get into the studio had proved to be extremely difficult, so much so that now another year had passed and still no new recording. Having enjoyed the process of turning a live performance into a permanent record of the event for the last album "CELEBRATION" Steve decided to set up the equipment and record the final gig of 2013. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the result. What has been captured is the energy and excitement of live music with a few minor technical adjustments made back in the studio to ensure that quality of sound delivered to you from your sound system is the best that it can be.

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Honey Don't. That'll be the Day. Rock Around the Clock. Maybe Baby. Do You Wanna Dance. Foot Tapper. When My Little Girl Is Smiling. Do Wah Diddy, Sugar and Spice. Satisfaction. Sweets For My Sweet. The Night Before. When The Girl In Your Arms. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Wonderful Tonight. Walk Of Life. Rockin' All Over The World. All Over Now.




mark their 25th anniversary, REVIVAL have once again returned to the recording studio to produce an album of music celebrating this achievement. The initial concept was that the CD would contain numbers that would not necessarily be included in a REVIVAL live set, but which were sufficiently interesting to be presented to a discerning audience. While rehearsing for the recording sessions, some of these stood out as suitable for live performance and have already found their way into the play list, others may not. What is clear is that each number presented in the Revival style has its own unique feel and together they create, what the band hope you will find, a very enjoyable selection of music.
Once again
REVIVAL are at their studio best!!

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Take it Easy. Tambourine Man. Pretty Flamingo. You're Gonna To Lose That Girl. Tired Of Waiting. Ginny Come Lately. Arms Of Mary. I Love To Boogie. Be Bop A Lula, Peace Pipe. I Wonder (Who's Kissing Her Now). Wild Thing. You Can't Do That. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody. Always On My Mind. When You Say Nothing At All. If You Gotta Go, Go Now. Days. Stood Up.













This is the latest Studio album from REVIVAL. The idea for the CD began to take shape in 2016 and the first recording session took place in 2017. As usual the underlying objective was to find songs that the band had not previously recorded. Each member of the band came up with a song that they would like to include and the rest were left for Ken to choose from his 50's and 60's wish list.
There are a couple of tracks on this recording which came about as the result of some impromptu singing from Ken between takes which caught our imagination and which we decided counted as Ken's choice! We really hope you enjoy the offering as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Route 66. Wonderful World. I'm a Believer. This Boy. Bend Me Shape Me. Stand By Me. Walking In The Air. Words. I Love You. Bus Stop. Picture Of You. I'll Keep You Satisfied. World Without Love. The Crying Game. Sweet Little Sixteen. My Special Angel.

To listen to a few short sample tracks from the album visit the "Sounds & Video" page by follow ing the link.





To celebrate 30 years
together Revival have recorded the songs and instrumentals that they performed in the opening set of their very first public performance. This is a studio album, which allows the boys to edit out the very occasional errors that can creep into a live performance! Having said that, on this album, the first recording session for each track found Ken locked away in his own little world where he delivered a vocal performance of the kind that could be used in the fnal mix. The result is that as usual he deliverd an oustanding performance, capturing the energy present in our live performances.
These initial recording sessions took place prior to the first lock down, adding the backing vocals being put on hold once the Covid 19 restrictions came into force. To finish the CD Revival moved right upto date and recorded much of what you will hear at home, sending their efforts to Steve by email for editing and mixing into each track. This has been quite a challenge for us 'oldies' but we are delighted with the result.
Ken has been the driving force behind this project with the song choice being down to him. We think he has done a great job and hope that you do too.


Telstar. What'd I Say. Whole Lotta Shakin'. I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door. Sea of Heartbreak. You Really Got Me. True Love Ways. F.B.I. Money. Bad To Me. Love's Made a Fool of You. How Do You Do It. Peggy Sue. Twist and Shout. And I Love Her. House of the Rising Sun. You'll Never Walk Alone. Midnight.

To listen to a few short sample tracks from the album visit the "Sounds & Video" page by follow ing the link.


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