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Here are some samples of the REVIVAL sound

Please note the sounds on this page are often studio out takes and  soundboard recordings, and as such the balance between the instruments is not as you would hear at a live gig. Being live there are also mistakes and off stage noises, that you probably would not normally notice. We have included these recordings because we believe they capture that wonderful spirit that manifests itself at Revival gigs.

With some of the larger files we have not included a Wav file because it would be quicker for you to download an MP3 player from and download the smaller MP3 files you will then be able  hear the songs in high quality stereo. To play these files download them to your hard disk first. See notes

bullet Hot off the press
bulletRevival live at a typical "Gig".
bulletRock & Pop Meets Barbershop
bulletFrom The Vaults

This recording was engineered by Steve Potts and produced by REVIVAL
Much of the work to produce this album was carried out within the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic.
Throughout 2020 the Band remained socially distanced with all the finishing touches being completed remotely.
This has been an extremely challenging but rewarding project, we hope you enjoy the results of our time in isolation!


PEARL, a brief sample from the album
The initial guide vocal and musical tracks were recorded at Andante Studio at the end of 2019 and early 2020 in preparation for releasing the new CD as a part of our 30 year celebrations. Sadly, as we have all experienced, the year turned out to be one like no other! Being unable to perform became insignificant as the Nation battled the pandemic. As lockdown continued we all felt the need to continue making music and so a plan was hatched to finish the recordings working remotely. The additional instruments and vocals being added under strict socially distance rules. Every backing vocal on this album was recorded by the individual band members at home and e-mailed to Steve who worked his magic on the final mix.
Whole Lotta Shakin' Ken launches into this typical Revival number with all his usual enthusiasm, capturing the essence of a live performance.
True Love Ways A change of tempo as the band deliver this beautiful ballad, as only they can.
Twist and Shout This Beatles song, recently re-introduced to the live sets, had the hall rocking at the first gig. This latest version finds the members of the band singing their backing vocal alone in a number of unusual settings. We hope you enjoy the results.
Midnight The closing track from the album is another favourite amongst the band and one that Bryan particularly enjoyed. We therefore dedicate this classic Shadows number to Bryan with our thanks for his friendship, musicianship and jokes over the past thirty years.

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This recording was engineered by Steve Potts and produced by REVIVAL


ENCORE, a brief sample from the album
Recorded at Andante Studio. The sleeve cover picture was taken by Ashley, from behind the drum kit as Revival took their bow at the end of the 2017 Bonington Theatre performance. You may just see yourself!
Walking in the Air Instrumental featuring Geoff and his Fender Stratocaster guitar.
Are you Lonesome Tonight The Elvis classic given the Revival treatment! Another stand out vocal from Ken.
I'm a Believer This typical 60's song was fun to record and has great energy. We hope you enjoy listening.
My Special Angel The closing track from the album is a favourite amongst the band. The vocal harmonies that support Ken's outstanding delivery are just what we aimed for. It's amazing what you can do if you are pushed hard enough. Thanks for cracking the whip Geoff!

This recording was engineered by Steve Potts and produced by REVIVAL

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SILVER, a brief sample from the album.
Recorded at Andante Studio. In celebration of 25 years, SILVER is a mix of tracks mainly chosen from personal favourites not previously recorded by the band.
Take it Easy The opening track is a classic Eagles number. Ken's vocal and the band's backing stays true to the original feel of the song but is unmistakably Revival
Arms of Mary Now a regular in the live set following the recording session.
I Love to Boogie Revival play T Rex, whatever next! Again this has become a great favourite for those on the dance floor at gigs.
Peace Pipe Another from the Shadows. The distinctive sound is captured perfectly by Geoff, while the rest of the band add to the feel of this number.
Always on My Mind An Elvis classic interpreted beautifully by Ken with the full Revival sound behind him, bringing this great song to life. We hope you enjoy it.

This recording was engineered by Steve Potts and produced by REVIVAL.

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Live at Lark Hill

Live at Lark Hill, a brief sample from the album.
Recorded live at Lark Hill Village, New Years Eve 2013
Honey don't A fairly new addition the the live set, this Carl Perkins number has become a must play number for the band.
Sugar and Spice Rarely missed from a live gig and always a part of the sound check routine, this song just had to be included.
Foot Tapper Another recent addition. This lively Shadows number is a favourite with Geoff and Alan and fortunately also goes down well with the audience too!
Walk of Life One of Revival's more "modern" numbers featuring Jim on Keyboard
Wonderful Tonight A Revival standard that had been omitted from the programme for a few months. The song was re introduced on New Years Eve following a number of requests for it to be played over the Christmas period. We hope that you enjoy it.

This recording was engineered and produced by Steve Potts. Steve managed to set up his recording equipment alongside the front of house sound system without the rest of the band initially being aware of its presence. The resulting recording captures the energy of the live performance. The technology available in the studio has been used sparingly, to create a CD that is easy to listen to, without the distracting sounds that a live musical performance generates.

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Title Notes
Celebration, a brief sample from three of the albums tracks. Recorded live at the Bonington Theatre Arnold
Man of the world Rehearsed specifically for this Theatre performance, the blend of Geoff and Jim's guitars with Ken's wonderful vocal just had to be included on this album.
On the Beach Featuring Steve Cook, a good friend of the Band,who joined the 20th Birthday celebrations
Hippy Hippy Shake A Revival and audience favourite, live, just as it should be!

The recording includes songs performed by three of the Band's friends who helped to celebrate twenty years of REVIVAL The full details are included in the sleeve notes.


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Sorry about the poor quality and thanks to all the budding film directors who contributed this footage.

Title Notes
Children In Need 2006 Thanks to all those who contributed
Central News "Every one will be famous for two minutes" Andy Warhol. Revival make ITN news (Teenager In love)
By Royal Appointment Revival play at the Guildhall London (I'll Never Get Over You)
Early days Was that really us, we look so young (Wake Up Little Suzie + Bye Bye Love - 1992)

These two MP3 files are taken from REVIVAL'S "SOUVENIR" CD

Title Notes
Sha La La La Lee Track one from the CD released in 2005
Yes I Will Track three from the CD. A live favourite the Hollies classic recorded September 2004 and reintroduced to the live performance in December 2009

Revival Live at a typical "Gig".

If you are thinking of booking Revival check out this two files they show  two sides of Revival.

Title Notes

True Love Ways MP3 0.3mb

True Love Ways Wav 2.1mb


Originally recorded by Buddy Holly, this live recording features Ken's delicate interpretation of a wonderful love song.

Jailhouse Rock
MP3 2.78kb

Recorded live at the Palace Theatre, Newark September 2006.

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Rock & Pop Meets Barbershop

On Saturday 21st March 1998 Revival and the Lace City Singers staged a concert at Nottingham's Albert Hall, along with MC ex-BBC presenter Graham Percy. The 48 members of the Lace City Singers, and Revival put together a show that will never be forgotten by anyone who attended. The two acts put on a unique programme of two very different musical styles that worked magically to provide a musical treat for one and all.

Title Notes
Ken/lace City
Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Part of the Lace City Singers second set featured a "duet" between 48 wonderful ladies ranging in ages from 16 to 60 and our Ken.
Can you Feel The Love Tonight

The Theme From The Lion king  
MP3 4mb

This very successful song by Elton John & Tim Rice gets the Geoff Ellis treatment to create a bridge between Pop and Barbershop. This is a large file but well worth downloading as anyone in the audience that night will tell you. This was a "one off" performance that surpassed the excitement of the previous evening when Revival and the Lace City Singers sang Teenager In Love on Central TV News.

Living Doll
MP3 2.2mb


A favourite with Revival audiences for many years, the Lace City Singers got behind this one and really made it happen. What this recording can't express is the joy and enthusiasm that the girls put behind this rendition.

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From The Vaults

Over the years the band has dabbled with recording studios. They never feel that they have managed to create the same quality of sound that they achieve every night on stage. However as some of these tracks show, they have their own unique way of interpreting some of the classic songs of the sixties. Here you will find tracks that Revival no longer play live or have only done off stage.

Yes I Will
An out take from the "Pieces Of the Past" recordings. This Hollies song features Geoff Ellis singing lead with six other vocalists singing different harmony parts.
Devoted To You
Another out take from the Pieces Of the Past recordings. This Everly Brothers song is a duet between Ken and Geoff Ellis.
The Air That I Breathe
Again a Hollies song from the Pieces Of the Past sessions. This song is one of the band's favourites. Ironically titled, try and hold the last note at the end of each chorus and see if you run out of breathe. 

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MP3 files are stereo and are usually less than 0.8mb.
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"PEARL" track list


What'd I Say.

Whole Lotta Shakin'.

I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door.

Sea of Heartbreak.

You Really Got Me.

True Love Ways.



Bad To Me.

Love's Made a Fool of You.

How Do You Do It.

Peggy Sue.

Twist and Shout.

And I Love Her.

House of the Rising Sun.

You'll Never Walk Alone.



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