Re-Creating the sounds of the sixties




Ken Pritchett
Lead Vocals

Some say Roy Orbison, others Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly, or Billy Fury. Whoever you think of when you listen to Ken’s voice, one thing is certain - he puts the same care and precision to every performance he gives. His voice suits every mood and provides the special touches that make the Revival sound unique.
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Geoff Ellis
Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

What Geoff says goes - at least that’s what he thinks. The band have agreed that Geoff should be their artistic director - he has the final say on what songs they perform and what sort of sound to aim for. Geoff has now retired from his post as head teacher at Wood’s Foundation School, Woodborough, near Nottingham, where pupils will be missing his guitar accompaniments in their daily assemblies.


Kevin Kirwan
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Kevin - Is a musician through and through, from his early days when he was at school with Den Hegarty (Darts) Rob and Jan Podsiadly (Rocky Sharp and the Replays). Kev's band ‘Salty Dog’ turned professional with Tony Sherwood Organisation Agency in the seventies and toured extensively throughout the UK, working with and supporting some major musical artistes such as Solomon King, Ricky Valance and Dire Straits, to name but a few. In 1978 he had the pleasure of meeting Billy Connolly in the green room of Radio Carlisle, both acts were performing in the City.
More recently, in 2017, Kev travelled around the world on that 'big retirement holiday’ managing guest appearances playing and singing with resident bands in Hong Kong, Australia and Fiji and culminating with an open air session on Venice Beach, Santa Monica, CA. Never far from his love of music Kev has recently completed session work on an album by Techno band 'DUIR' featuring Edgar Broughton.
He now also plays bass and sings with local band "Toasted Frog". Kevin is thrilled to have been invited to join Revival, he has been friends with the guys since 2003 and is looking forward to joining them on stage in the very near future.



Alan Yeo
/ Vocals

Alan - Started playing drums in the very early 60's, practicing by playing along to many of the songs that Revival now perform. His first stage appearance was aged 15, sitting in for the drummer in a local band 'The Rapiers' for two nights. Having now got the bug to perform, he joined and helped to form a number of bands or 'Beat Groups' as they were then known. These groups included '003' and 'The Wayne Foundation'. In 1969 'Variety Union' was formed and played the Club circuit into the mid 1970's.

From the split up of this band through several changes in name and personnel emerged 'Rusty' where Alan first met up with Revival's Rhythm Guitarist Steve. After a few years break from playing Alan teamed up with Brother in Law, Bryan Docherty, to form a Duo for a one off Gig. This was the birth of The Blaze Brothers, which grew over a period of time to a four-piece band. This band became 5rLIVE providing an opportunity to play the kind of music that Alan grew up with. Other members of 5rLIVE were Steve and Jim who were "moonlighting" on the dates that Revival didn't play. The culmination of this musical journey came when Revival offered the drum stool, left vacant by the retirement of Allan Woolley, to Alan. How could he refuse? As Alan says, "This has got to be the best drumming job going."


Jim Kirby

Jim - Started playing guitar with school rock band at age 14 and formed his first band in 1964 ('The Fraternity' - R & B trio). Joined  'Pink Eggshell' Newark based 5 piece 1972 and introduced keyboards circa ''77.  Guitar still main instrument. Band evolved into 'After Eight' and 'Morgan's Orchard' through the eighties and nineties with keyboards taking a more prominent role. Occasionally still play R & B with band members from the '60's.  Sabbatical - then keyboards.... 

Steve Potts
Tenor Sax/Guitar/vocals

As a senior manager for an IT company, Steve is in touch with the leading edge of music technology. You could be forgiven for not realising this if you ever turn up early for a Revival show and hear the squeaks and whistles as he twiddles the knobs to get the sound right. Seriously, without Steve the band could not create the sound they do.

He also owns a large collection of musical instruments. You may see him playing bongos, tubular bells, banjo as well as saxophone. It’s rumoured that he has acquired a set of bagpipes and is looking for the opportunity to try them out on stage...



Alan Yeo

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