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REVIVAL would love to play for your special occasion.

Please take a look at the following information which we hope will help to make your event a success
. If you have not used a live Band before, why not give us a try?


You can see a list of Revival's current gigs by visiting Tour Dates. However always check with us. The Tour Dates page is only intended to be a sign post for those wishing to see the band and is not a band diary. There can be many reasons why the date that you are looking for is not available. You can be assured that every effort will be made to meet your needs but regrettably it is not possible to accept every request for Revival to play. Please don't be put off by this, give Alan a call and he will be only too pleased to talk to you about the options available to you.

Alan Yeo
0115 7837443

Or e-mail, Alan

The Contract

Once we have agreed a date you will receive a formal contract. Please read it carefully and return one copy to Revival, in advance of the event. It includes details of the agreed times and information about cancellation fees. 

Please note: The band is run as a professional business and the musicians pay their taxes. Their terms and conditions are CASH on the night. We can not accept cheques unless by prior agreement. 


If you want us to include details of your event on our web site please let Alan know at the time of booking or, if you decide later, send him an email.

A Poster is available in Word format for you to download and add your own details by overtyping in the text box provided. Click here for the poster.

The Venue

If you are booking Revival for the first time please consider this section.

The Stage

Revival are a relatively large band, six musicians, drums, lights and sound equipment. This all takes up a lot of space. Revival also need room to move about and entertain. However, the band is very accommodating when it comes to small stages, and has managed to put on some great shows under difficult circumstances. Please talk to us, we are more than willing to meet with you and look at the venue before you make the decision to go ahead and book the band.

Changing Facilities

You and your guests will be having a great time during Revivals gig, but please remember that the band are working. They often play for 2 - 3 hours under hot lights with only short  breaks in between. Please don't expect that the band can change in the gents or as on one occasion, outside in the car park. A room large enough for six people and three changes of clothes is the ideal.

Access and Setting Up

Successful live music these days demands a great deal of sophisticated sound equipment alomg with Guitars, keyboard and a full set of accoustic drums. The band will bring all of this to the venue. However, please be aware that there is a lot of heavy equipment to be moved into the venue. Close access for motor vehicles should be considered. Is the venue upstairs? Is there a lift?  At the end of the evening will the band have to carry their equipment out through the audience?

Once the band and their equipment is on the stage it can take up to one and a half hours to set it up. Set up will take longer if the stage is small. Can the band gain access to the room one and a half hours before your audience arrives? Please try to keep the audience out of the room while the band is setting up. Once all of the equipment is in place, sound check will take place, this is a vital part of optimising the sound for the venue and the band only want the audience to see and hear them when they are in their stage clothes and ready to go.

Neighbours and the legal stuff

Revival is not a loud band and you will find them very co-operative. Part of the enjoyment is the excitement generated by the sound. Revival need an incredible 500 watts of sound system just to overcome the noise made by 200 people chattering. In total Revival has a 2 Kilo Watt sound system which is able to cope with any size venue.
It should be recognised that, in some people's opinion, your evening will be noisy. Have you considered the neighbours? Have you offered them a free ticket?

The responsibility for  a license to sell alcohol and for music and dancing lies with the owner of the venue. If you are a church or a school, have you considered this?

Public liability. The band has Public Liability insurance. Do you have it? Do you need it?

The Audience

Please consider your audience. The most successful gigs are those where people pay for a ticket and know what to expect.
The music will be generally from the late 1950's through the 1960's and into the 1970's. The music will be mainly up tempo which will get the dancers onto the floor. For those who would prefer to sit and sing along the evening will be full of old favourites.

Revival are a very experienced Band and will keep your audience entertained with music from their extensive repertoire.


The Disco

Don't book a disco. You don't need one. The band will provide suitable music during their breaks. A disco will change the whole atmosphere of the evening and, in the band's experience, will divide your audience into two camps and detract from the success of the evening. 

Recommended Venues

Mapperley Plains SC
Capacity  250 

You will notice from our gig list that we often play at the Mapperley Plains Social Club Nottingham. It is without doubt the band's favourite venue. This is a superb venue for your dance. It has a super dance floor, excellent stage, and provides a bar. 

Woodborough Village Hall
Capacity 175

A nice friendly venue with a good stage and ample parking. Bring your own bar and food.

Ravenshead Village Hall
Capacity 175

A beautiful building with a good stage, good parking, and a bar, but bring your own food.





Alan Yeo

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