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This page will be used to provide a quick guide to the latest Gigs, new additions to the web site and messages from the band.

Last updated on March 23, 2020

Carona Virus
(March 2020)
As you will have noticed on our Home Page, we have cancelled all forthcoming performances.

Any future updates will be posted on the Home Page.


Bryan set to retire after 30 years (March 2020)

As we prepare to celebrate 30 years of music making we are also coming to terms with Bryan's decision to retire. Bryan was a founder member of Revival and as well as being the resident comic, has also managed our bookings for the last 30 years.

His final performance will be at Mapperley Sports and Social Club on May 22nd, when we hope as many of you as are able, will come along and give him the send off he deserves.

It will seem strange for the remaining five of us to walk out onto a stage without one of Bryan's funny stories, or quick one liners bringing a smile to our faces
but in true show business style the show will go on!

We are delighted to report that we have recruited Kevin Kirwan, a local musician and friend who is an excellent Bass player and alround nice guy. We look forward to introducing him to you at a future gig.


A Happy New Year to you all from REVIVAL (January 2020)

It has been a while since the "Latest News" had any news for you. This is partly because we have had a few challenges with the web-site but mainly because life in and around the band has remained pretty much business as usual with nothing to report.
Fotunately we now have something to share with you.
As we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, we are looking forward to completing our 30th year together. You will no doubt have seen by now that we plan to mark the occasion with a weekend at the Bonington and a couple of gigs at Mapperley Sports and Social Club. To coincide with this special occasion we are working on a new cd. The Title of which will be PEARL, to reflect the 30th anniversary.The track list will consist of songs and instrumentals played by the band as their first set on their first ever performance way back in May 1990. Many of these numbers have been dropped over the years as new material has been added and have not featured in the present play list. To put matters right, they will be making a comeback both on the cd and in our live performances during the year.
While talking about our latest recording it is staggering how much time and effort goes into the process both musically, in terms of performance but also from a technical perspective in the engineering and production that is necessary to produce the quality cd that the whole band is happy with. In contrast it is worth pointing out that when performing live, REVIVAL never use any pre-recorded tracks. Everything you hear at a Revival gig is produced by the six of us live and without the use of a safety net! That inevitably means that occasionaly mistakes will be made and while as a musician you strive for every performance to be perfect, live music has a habit of catching you out when you least expect it. In many ways the odd mistake makes live music more exciting. We know that as a friend of Revival you don't mind when we get it wrong! We are now looking forward to another year of getting it right most of the time and sharing our love for what we do with you all.
Once again our very best wishes for the coming year and we hope to see you at a gig during the year. If you are unable to join us this year, thanks for visiting the web-site and for your interest in the band.

Please keep an eye on the Tour Dates for new gigs as they are confirmed.



Revival are delighted to announce the addition of a matinee performance for the Sunday following the Saturday evening concert on 29th September.
Tickets are now on sale at the box office for Sunday 30th. The performance will commence at 3pm.
Thanks to everyone who will be joining us on Saturday evening and for enabling us to once again sell out the Theatre. Tickets have sold out so quickly that we have decided to add an extra date.
We hope this will provide an opportunity for anyone unable to obtain a ticket for the Saturday evening show, to to join us on Sunday at this fantastic venue.


Revival have now completed two performances with the whole team back together. On stage that old familiar feeling returned and we had a great time, with our leader back where he belongs.
From the reaction of our audiences and the compliments we received, it seems that everyone present felt as we did.
Normal service has been resumed!

We are now looking forward to the last two gigs of 2017 and preparing for 2018.

Everyone connected with REVIVAL would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again for all of your support throughout this year.

Ken, Geoff, Bryan, Steve, Jim and Alan


Further update (November 2017)

We are delighted to report that Geoff has continued to make steady progress and will now be returning to the stage for the December 2017 performances.

The first of these will be at Woodborough Village Hall on December 2nd.

Completing a full REVIVAL gig of over two hours on stage is both physically tiring and mentally exhausting. In recognition of this, the Band has been determined to help Geoff manage his return in such a way that he not only enjoys the experience but does nothing to set back his recovery.
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and for your understanding as we continued to honour our commitments without Geoff.


Saturday 25th November (2017) was the final appearance as a five piece before the eagerly anticipated return of our leader in December. The venue was Beeston Victory Club and the event was unusual for Revival, in that although tickets had been on sale prior to the evening, it was expected by the promoter that most people would pay on the door (but would anyone turn up we wondered)! In 27 years together this was the first engagement undertaken through an agent and the first as a part of the entertainment programme of a well established social club. Our sincere thanks to all of you who braved the cold and turned out to support us. It was reassuring to see so many familiar faces and rewarding to show what we can do, to so many who were experiencing an evening with Revival for the first time. The venture turned out to be a huge success thanks to a great audience who kept the dance floor full all night.

This has been a difficult chapter in Revival's history, the success of the band has been in no small part due to the great relationship between all concerned both on and off the stage. To continue without one of our number has been quite a challenge, on a personal and musical level. Without the dedication and hard work put in by Jim to take on the responsibility of playing lead guitar in Geoff's absence, we would have been unable to have continued and would have had no choice but to let down many people who had booked Revival for their special event. Our sincere thanks Jim.

With Geoff fit once again, we can now move forward with the whole gang back together doing what we all do best, setting the scene for a wonderful Christmas through the fabulous sounds of the sixties.


As reported in our last update Revival were unable to perform at the Arnold Carnival (2017) due to the sudden Ill health of one of our members. We are pleased to tell you that Geoff, our lead guitarist and musical director is making good progress with his recovery and is hoping to be back on stage before the end of the year.
It was a tough decision to withdraw from the Arnold Carnival but given the situation we are happy that we made the right call.
Since that time we had a long meeting and decided, with Geoff's agreement, to continue and honour the commitments already in the diary as a five piece band in anticipation of Geoff joining us once he's fit, either for a full performance or a brief appearance, which ever suits him best.
That sorted, we have spent many hours in rehearsal putting together set lists that are unmistakably REVIVAL but with Jim taking on the role of lead guitarist. The real pressure has fallen on Jim who has coped admirably, moving between his new role as lead guitarist and the more familiar keyboard. Alan has taken on the majority of backing vocals that Geoff provided but everyone has had to make substantial changes to what they sing and play, to ensure the best performance possible in these circumstances.
The first outing was at a Private function for a Birthday celebration. All went well with a typical Revival performance being delivered.
In an extremely complementary e-mail from the lady who had hired us, saying how much she and her guests had enjoyed the evening and remarking on how we got everyone on the dance floor, she did say that we "all looked a little sad from time to time, maybe because we were missing Geoff". We certainly did miss him, the understanding developed over years between all six of us cannot be explained but removing one part of the Revival jigsaw certainly changed the dynamics on stage. The 'sadness' was probably the look of total concentration as we all worked to remember new arrangements. Not easy at our age!!!
Having a performance under our belts that would have been a credit to any band, we are now committed to continuing as planned with all forthcoming gigs, in anticipation of the eagerly awaited return of our leader.

Get well soon Geoff, we all miss you



Mayor of Gedling Charity Evening

Friday 23rd September (2016) found the band at Mapperley Sports and Social Club playing to a full house, supporting the Mayor of Gedling in her fund raising for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund 2016/2017.
Thanks to all of you who attended and helped to make the evening such a huge success. The Raffle alone raised £500 with the final grand total for the event being £1,567, again a huge thank you from the Mayor and of course, from everyone associated with REVIVAL.

It was a pleasure to play for such an appreciative audience and we hope to see as many of you as possible again over the Christmas period when we will be holding our two Christmas parties.
This year both will be at Mapperley Sports and Social Club and will take place on 9th and 23rd December.


The Tour Guide records the series of Gigs that have been played this year including another successful return to the Bonnington Theatre.
As we approach the completion of two thirds of 2016 the Band are preparing for the next outing which will be on September 23rd at Mapperley Social Club. We were asked by the Mayor of Gedling if we would support Her Charity for this year, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund 2016/2017, keen to help but unable to find a mutually suitable date, Revival have dedicated the date already booked at Mapperley to this cause. Tickets are £10, full details are on the Tour Guide page.

It may seem a bit early and I'm sorry to remind you, that "that" time is fast approaching! There will be two Christmas parties again this year, both of which will be held at Mapperley Sports and Social Club. Tickets for these ever popular evenings will go on sale later in the year.

Ken recently came up with a list of songs that have never been recorded by the Band but which he thought should have been. Work has already begun in the studio and the first of these are now taking shape. All we know at this time is that the Album title will be "ENCORE" but more than that is anyone's guess. Watch this space and we will keep you informed of progrees on this latest project.

Finaly a return to the Bonnington in March 2017 has been confirmed and details will be announced once tickets are available.


* * * * *


Another year has drawn to a close and once again the New Year was welcomed in at Lark Hill retirement village near Nottingham. This was the fourth year that Revival have had the genuine pleasure of playing for this wonderful audience. A New Year gig is hard work for any musician, at least one extra set and a late night, way past Ken's Cocoa time!!! The warmth shown to the band by those celebrating and a continually full dance floor is a huge reward for the extra effort.

The reaction that we get from you, our friends, at each performance continues to amaze and encourage every one of us. In 2015 we played twice at both the Bonington Theatre and Mapperley Social Club, where the band was delighted to meet so many of you who were at a Revival gig for the first time. We hope you enjoyed the experience and will consider joining us again this year. There are a large number of you who we are pleased to see supporting us each time we play. You are always in our thoughts when we are selecting the material for our next performance. Leaving in the numbers that everyone expects to hear, while including ones that people have told us are their favourites and then bringing a few surprises into a programme that can only contain around 45 songs, is a very difficult balance . Fortunately for the rest of us this is Geoff's department, as our Musical Director and so the rest of us just do as we are told! Seriously, we do hope that we are continuing to play the music that you want to hear.

It has been said many times but playing live music really is about you, our audience and the band continues to work hard to perfect each song and deliver the best performance possible completely live. We occasionally mention the fact that all the mistake that we make are "live". Some have asked why we mention this. The point that we are making is that we do not use any backing tracks or pre recorded loops, as they are called, to enhance the sound being created on stage, everything you hear is created live in front of you by the musicianship or vocal ability of the six members of Revival. As it is a live performance, every one of us could make a mistake and from time to time we do. This, in our opinion, is part of the attraction of a live performance as no two gigs are ever quite the same and the element of fear is ever present!

As a final thought new gear continues to arrive on stage as each of us strives for the best sound we can possibly create. The "Silver " album described elsewhere was such fun to make, that plans are now being made to get together in the recording studio and create another CD. So on we go into another year, looking forward to every performance and rehearsing hard to maintain the Revival reputation for great live music.

Have a great year and we hope you will say hello at one of our gigs.


New CD was released on 19th September.
The latest studio recording from Revival went on sale for the first time at the Bonington Theatre on 19th September. "SILVER", as the album is called, is the culmination of many hours of studio time recording and even more hours in production. The result is a collection of 19 tracks which the band are extremely proud of.
The cd costs £5 and will be on sale at all future gigs or it can be purchased by contacting Geoff. (Details on the contact us page) A full track listing can be found on the CD Collection page and samples from four tracks can be heard on the Sounds and Videos page


It's hard to imagine that Revival have now celebrated 25 years since the formation of the band. The history of how the Revival began and its evolution, was recorded in a News Letter in 2010. For those who have discovered the band more recently, the story can be found by following this link (2010 News Letter).

The "Silver" celebrations have continued with an evening of dancing at Mapperley Sports and Social Club on Friday 4th September where a fantastic audience filled the dance floor and created a party atmosphere.

Saturday 19th September found the boys back at the Bonington Theatre, playing to yet another a full house. To see so many people spending their Saturday night with Revival is a humbling experience. It was great to see so many long term fans and also so many new friends in the audience. It was clear from those that were spoken to as they left the auditorium that they had had an enjoyable night and the reaction during the performance was fantastic. Revival would like to thank everyone who turns out to support the band wherever they play, without you none of this would be possible.

Ken, Geoff, Bryan, Steve, Jim and Alan.
















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